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we offer visual support
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Trying to tell a complicated story with words? Forget it! We create visuals that interact with your text. Now everyone can understand.

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Tired of endlessly explaining your product? We create strong visuals…and surprise surprise: they move. Mind. Blown.

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Want to use words anyway? Ok, well if you really want to. We are experts in arranging words. True story. In English en trouwens ook gewoon in het Nederlands.

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Need some happiness to brighten up your annuals? We make sassy visuals to help you out. Your investors will just look at the pictures and forget about your bad quarterlies.

Showreel january 2019

Is your brand more dead than alive? Do you often wonder whether its heart is still beating? Don't be afraid. We'll reanimate your brand


Ready to operate


Founder | Story Surgeon | Creative
As a journalist and copywriter Clarissa van Deventer brightens up your visuals with just the right words. Native in Dutch, English and the always useful language of Afrikaans.


Art direction | Designer | Animator
Robin de Boer knows what design fits your story best. Do you need a quick and dirty illustration? Or rather a custom made animated video? Doctor de Boer is here for you.


2D Animator | Video Editor
Fascinated by anything that moves, animation was the logical choice. Loves the good old fashioned Nintendo and recently became a dad #lifegoal.

The way we work

the way we work? we really really really like what we do. and we like to have fun. we joke around. we are creatives. so yes, we understand the tone of voice of your company might be a lot more serious than ours. we get it. you have to run it through legal and all. we’ll try to tone it down when we work for you. want to know more about our workflow? let us know, we’ll happily send you our workflow!


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